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Welcome to Rabbit Coder! Here at Pen Infotech we are going to teach your children the art of technology.

This is the second level of master coder program. As you can guess this level is more advance than the previous level.
As seen before, programming algorithm and logic were introduced and practiced in turtle level; building on that children are going to continue that in rabbit level as well and also will learn new languages and computer tools.

A rabbit coder will start programming with C language, and will learn to create websites with HTML and CSS and to make advance use of MS Office document creating. They will also learn how to manage a database with SQL commands.

Last but not least, they will create an online website with actual domain as their project!

What children will learn:

1.C programming language:
C is an old but very popular programming language. The basic syntax of this languages makes it very easy to learn even for children. C is also known as a fundamental language since many other programming languages are developed on the basis of C’s syntax, so learning C will also help to easily learn further programming languages.

HTML is the language of web development, And CSS is a stylesheet language used for giving webpages beautiful styles. Every page you see on the internet is created HTML & CSS. So with mastering these two simple skills children will be able to create full-fledge complete web pages! Here at Pen Infotech we will provide students a live server on the internet so they can upload their website on the internet!!
It will be awesome and parents can view the result and growth of the children from anywhere.

3.Database with SQL:
Databases are crucial part of computer technology. People use a number of databases on a daily basis without even knowing when they go online. This is because databases work on the other side of the internet i.e. servers.
So it is really important to know how databases work and also to be able to use them in programs to store data.
Here children will learn basics of database and to execute queries with SQL commands.

Microsoft office suite of software are not simple things. There is literally no end when it comes to expertise, skills and tricks in office software. Children have already learned a lot about how to create documents and presentations in turtle coder level, and in this level they will continue to do so. They will learn how use advance features of office software and will keep practicing.